Suit Care

Like any investment, your suit deserves to be looked after. The following tips will help improve the life of your garment. We also offer a restoration service for older garments.


Use the special hanger supplied with your suit or jacket. The wide shoulder arms of the hanger ensures correct support.

Rest your garment

Rotate the wearing of the items in your wardrobe. We strongly recommend you ‘rest’ your suit (or jacket/trouser) for a full day after wearing.


Periodic brushing with a natural bristle clothes brush and outside airing will freshen-up your garment and help maintain its original appearance.

Pocket contents

Placing bulky or sharp edged items in pockets can damage linings and pockets.

Dry cleaning

We are an agent for and recommend On The Spot Drycleaners in Tawa for the professional cleaning of your tailored clothing and ties.

Stains or marks

Ask your dry cleaner to spot clean the affected area. It’s not always necessary to have the garment completely dry cleaned.


If your garment is creased and in need of pressing, we suggest the following:

  • Take to it to your dry cleaner and ask for a press only.
  • Press the affected parts yourself using a clean damp cloth between the iron and garment.
  • Hang your garment for a few minutes in a steamed up bathroom then leave overnight to dry. This is particularly useful if you’re travelling.