Hire, Tailoring & Dry cleaning services

At Harford we are more than just specialists when it comes to fitting suits. We have a few services up our sleeve we offer to our clients depending on their needs.

Rembrandt Hire

Harford are the official Wellington agent for the Rembrandt Hire range. As we carry an extensive range of Rembrandt suits we are able to determine the correct fit and size should you wish to hire from the range. We have catered for many weddings, formal events and the odd last minute job interview. Our expert team have been known to extend their services abroad when it comes to organizing the right fit. The best part about being the official Wellington Rembrandt Hire Agent? One of our very own staff designed the range. So not only will you receive expert advice, but you can look sharp knowing this has come from leading suit experts.

Get in touch with us should you have any questions or wish to book a time to come in to view the range or get measured.


We take real pride in fitting our clients as best we can. Whether you’ve changed body shape over time, or you need to replace the lining of your suit jacket - our team of experts are more than capable to take you through a fitting and discuss the options necessary to provide you with the best fit. Depending on what kind of tailoring needs to be done, we can generally turn the job around in 2 days. All our tailoring is done locally through Topline Tailors and Rembrandt Suits. If you would like to use a different Tailor, you are more than welcome to discuss this with us and we can work with you to meet your requirements.

Dry Cleaning

Spilt that morning coffee on your favourite tie? Or maybe you feel it’s about time to give your suit a spring clean? Our experienced Drycleaners will do a perfect job for you, with an optional same day service.